O Sole Mio Wood Briquette

Used by over 6000 Italian wood oven chefs for a cleaner-hotter-longer baking session.

O Sole Mio is a patented wood briquette made from 100% dry beech wood chippings specifically designed for use in Pizza ovens.

They are chemically and bacteriologically certified for the cooking of food.

Because of the low moisture content and consistent nature of the briquette, they burn hot and consistent each time.

You need less quantity of briquettes to generate the heat for the pizza oven compared to firewood logs. Briquettes will typically produce 20-50% more heat for the same weight. This makes them very cost-effective compared to firewood logs.

O Sole Mio has been tested and endorsed by leading oven manufacturers in Italy and the UK. They are perfect for fixed and mobile wood-fired ovens.

  • Consistent product
  • The ultimate in cleanliness and convenience
  • Very high energy content
  • Can be broken into small pieces
  • Very economical
  • Meets requirements of HACCP
  • Chemical and bacteriological certification
  • Flame/heat on demand
  • 100% Beech

Comes in 18kg Box, contains 8 logs.

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    Make your space useful & different

    The oven has a fully insulated dome and hearth, this provides superior cooking performance and heat retention.

    Anything you can cook in your indoor oven can be prepared to its succulent perfection in your wood fired oven, all year long.

    Sapore Wood Fire Oven Fire

    “Best oven I ever had, easy to use and you can cook really anything you want.”

    Frank, Melbourne



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