SAPORE Pizza Peel


This wide flat shovel is the traditional Italian tool, Perfect for lifting pizzas, cake & bread in an extremely hot oven, the Sapore Pizza Peel is a must have for every budding chef.

  • Stainless Steel pizza shovel for traditional brick/wood-fired ovens
  • Very Long Easy Grip handle to keep your hands away from the heat
  • Can also be used for other baked goods
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • 1300mm long – Head 36 x 36cm


Specs below;


Make your space useful & different

The oven has a fully insulated dome and hearth, this provides superior cooking performance and heat retention.

Anything you can cook in your indoor oven can be prepared to its succulent perfection in your wood fired oven, all year long.

Sapore Wood Fire Oven Fire

“Best oven I ever had, easy to use and you can cook really anything you want.”

Luisa, Newcastle



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