The SAPORE Grande as featured in ‘Pizza Today’ USA.

The “Sapore” Pizza Ovens are stylish, and look great in the backyard, under the alfresco. Apart from cooking great food, they also offer warmth on those cold winter nights, by opening the firebox door, and watching the warm and cozy fire.

Sapore oven floors are composed of high temperature resistant refractory bricks. The refractory clay used to produce these bricks is pure, just as it is found in nature, and ensures even cooking and distribution of heat across the oven floor.

The cooking floor allows for easy substitution of parts that have been worn down after thousands of pizza peels have passed over them and tons of wood has been burned.

Complete with The Highest Quality Stainless Steel on the market, plus a coloured stainless steel for the top, makes it one of the finest pizza ovens in the world.