Pizza Fest 2022.

Take a pilgrimage to the home of the Pizza masters in Napoli

Napoli is the birthplace of pizza, so it’s fitting that it’s also home to the biggest and most delicious pizza festival in Italy. The world’s most rad and talented pizza masters will be at the helm, dishing out tons of wood-fired, classic Italian, freestyle, and even gluten-free pizzas. Napoli Pizza Village is one of Italy’s biggest events, there are over 30,000 pizza-loving people gathering around town for bite after bite.

That’s not all, in between all the munching, Pizza Fest has a fully-loaded program to keep you learning and entertained.

SAPORE are conducting workshops teaching crowds on how to make authentic pizza. Whether it’s tossing dough correctly, making delectable tomato sauce, or learning how to bake pizza in a scorching-hot oven, there’s no better place to learn than in Naples.

There are live concerts to dance to and burn off all those calories, interesting exhibits, exciting contests, and much more. Then just add WINE! You’re in Italy, after all. Pizza Fest is about celebrating la dolce vita, and we all know that pizza is what makes life truly sweet.